A Video Streaming Solution Is Only As Good As the Sum of Its Parts

A Video Streaming Solution Is Only As Good As the Sum of Its Parts

Picking the right video streaming solution for your organization requires careful consideration of myriad questions:

  • How do I capture video?
  • How do I manage video assets?
  • How do I ensure high quality distribution across my network?

In today’s market, individual solutions exist for all of these needs. A buyer can by a video capture or webcasting solution from one vendor, a video content management system (VCMS) from another, and an enterprise content delivery network (E-CDN) for optimized content delivery from yet a third. Alternatively, they can look for a single vendor that integrates all of these functions into an integrated platform.

In 2018 Nemertes Research conducted a study of approximately 500 end-user organizations to analyze their use of streaming video technologies, and ultimately to determine what makes for a successful strategy. We developed a success model based on utilization of video applications, identified gains in productivity, and self-rated success in terms of how participants judged the effectiveness of their video strategy in meeting their organization’s needs. Approximately 11.4% of participating organizations qualified as “successful” in this model.

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