Best Practices for UC Migration to UCaaS

Best Practices for UC Migration to UCaaS

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic went global in the first quarter of 2020, organizations were already rapidly moving their unified communications applications, including calling, messaging, and meetings, to the cloud. Nemertes Research’s 2020 Cost Benefit Analysis: Workplace Collaboration and Contact Center global study of approximately 560 companies found that roughly 34% were now using Unified Communications-as-a-Service, up from 19.2% in 2019.

The primary driver for moving to cloud is a desire to reduce costs by shifting operational responsibility to a cloud provider, and by having the flexibility to add or remote licenses as conditions warrant. Additional drivers include the ability to leverage cloud providers to easily scale without having to make up-front hardware and software investments, and to take advantage of the rapid speed that cloud providers are able to use to bring new features to market. Both reducing costs and leveraging new features for productivity gains increase ROI. Among those reporting the highest return on their collaboration investments, 77.8% are accelerating their move to cloud.

The pandemic is likely to accelerate this shift to the cloud, as 64.8% of the 528 companies participating in our 2020 Visual Communications and Collaboration study say that they are more likely to use cloud services than they were before the pandemic began.

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