Digital Workplace: Moving Ahead One Step at a Time

Digital Workplace: Moving Ahead One Step at a Time

The highly collaborative digital workplace is so much more than an extension of a corporate intranet.

As companies forge ahead with their digital transformation initiatives, renewed focus on the employee workplace is taking center stage. After all, the more IT improves employee efficiency, the more competitive the company becomes.

But unlike many IT projects, digital workplace (DW) initiatives never formally end. They typically start off rather slowly, while employees gain familiarity with new interfaces and apps. Once the projects gain traction, though, the potential for innovation is endless.

Some view the digital workplace as simply an extension of a corporate intranet, but that’s only a part of it. The digital workplace is growing to include much more, including communications and collaboration applications.

DW platforms are available from several vendors, ranging from small to large — for example, Akumina InterChange, BMC Digital Workplace Solutions, Claromentis Digital Workplace, IBM Digital Experience, and Unily Hub.

From a high level, the platforms integrate, customize, and leverage technology to make people more productive. By consolidating numerous enterprise apps, collaboration apps, electronic forms, and functions into a single, personalized dashboard, accessed by any devices anywhere, people can work more efficiently.

Beyond that, though, we will see much more seamless interaction between the physical and virtual worlds.

We see the DW developing in three stages. The stages are somewhat fluid, and exactly what happens during each depends on the company and its goals.

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