Five Tips For Picking the Right UCaaS

Five Tips For Picking the Right UCaaS

Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) offers small businesses the opportunity to purchase an integrated set of communications and collaboration functions, all from a single provider, on a per-user subscription basis. Via the cloud delivery model, UCaaS eliminates capital costs associated with equipment purchase, as well as PSTN access contracts. As a result, more than 14% of organizations are now using UCaaS, mostly small and midsize businesses, though adoption is growing even within the large enterprise market segment.

The UCaaS landscape is increasingly competitive, leaving buyers with a dizzying array of potential choices. All typically provide a base set of calling features and conferencing, while more advanced services may include videoconferencing and contact center capabilities. Selecting the right provider for your needs requires evaluating not just the feature set, but also the following capabilities:

  1. Cost
    Nemertes’ research shows that agility and fast access to new features are replacing cost as primary cloud adoption factors, but cost is still an important criteria in selecting a provider. Evaluate not just license costs, but also costs of endpoints, additional management capabilities, and additional add-on services. Consider evaluating total cost of ownership, including acquisition, implementation, and on-going support, over a five-year period to conduct your analysis
  2. Endpoint Choice
    Today’s workers, especially within the SMB, are more mobile than ever, relying on tablets and smartphones as much, if not more, to communicate and collaborate with peers. …

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