How to Evaluate High-Quality Personal Devices?

How to Evaluate High-Quality Personal Devices?

Audio and video devices can improve the remote working experience – so long as buyers know what to look for before provisioning.

In an effort to improve the voice and video experience for remote workers, a number of vendors including Cisco, Jabra, Logitech, Microsoft, Neat, and Poly have introduced new audio and video devices aimed at personal use, either in the office or at home. Form factors vary: stand-alone cameras and speakerphones; integrated audio and video bars; all-in-one solutions that combine a touch-enabled monitor, camera, microphone, and speakers into a single form factor. These devices differ from consumer-grade offerings in several ways, including the abilities to leverage AI to reduce or eliminate background noise, to compensate for low-light conditions, and to enable IT to centrally manage the devices to ensure firmware updates and to gather performance data.

Metrigy’s global Unified Communications Management and Endpoints: 2021-22 research study of approximately 400 end user organizations found significant buyer-side interest in these devices, specifically among those responsible for UC purchasing and/or operations within their organizations.

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