Leveraging Collaboration Tech to Reduce Isolation

Leveraging Collaboration Tech to Reduce Isolation

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How HR and IT leaders can help ensure remote work doesn’t lead to productivity declines.

One of the biggest issues facing organizations in the new era of work from home is a loss of socialization and sense of community among newly remote employees.

For many people, gone are the days of being able to easily build bonds with coworkers through conversation in the workplace, when out to lunch, or through participation in clubs or after-work social activities. A June survey of workers in Canada, for example, found that the biggest issue that remote workers face is isolation.

Isolation for home workers is about more than just the missing social interactions with co-workers. Remote workers often struggle with obtaining the right information to do their jobs, and they may not feel like they are part of the team, able to engage with co-workers on projects, ideation sessions, and other interactive activities. They may not believe that their work is noticed, or that they have a say in how decisions are analyzed and made. This challenge is especially acute for younger and newly hired individuals who want to establish themselves as valuable team contributors.

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