Meeting E911 Requirements in the Age of Hybrid Work

Meeting E911 Requirements in the Age of Hybrid Work

IT leaders responsible for communications strategy and compliance must answer a series of significant questions, outlined here.

Those responsible for managing their organization’s E911 strategy face the following new challenges:

  • The shift to remote and hybrid work means that employees are largely no longer working from a fixed location.
  • The increase in the adoption of softphones changes the way individuals make calls, potentially creating more difficulty in reaching a 911 operator, especially for home-based employees.
  • Employees are more reliant on their mobile devices for making phone calls than ever before.
  • On-premises PBXs are rapidly going away as organizations increase their use of UCaaS.
  • UCaaS, coupled with bring-your-own-carrier for PSTN connectivity, adds additional management complexity in ensuring 911 call routing and location management.

At the same time, two new regulations I previously discussed, including Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act, have taken effect.

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