MetriNote – Microsoft Enhances Teams Rooms, Expands Partnerships

MetriNote – Microsoft Enhances Teams Rooms, Expands Partnerships

What’s the news?

June 17, 2021 – Microsoft has announced several innovations and expanded partnerships to support Microsoft Teams Rooms. Its goal is to remove barriers between those participating in a meeting from a conference room vs. a remote location. Among the announced features are:

  • Front Row – a new user interface for meetings that allows for display of in-meeting chat and notes, and that places meeting participants’ video below shared content
  • New layouts to better support meeting rooms with multiple displays
  • Live reactions to allow participants to use emojis to react to discussions
  • The ability to pin video, or to spotlight particular participants

In conjunction with partners including Jabra, Logitech, Neat, and Poly, Microsoft will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) within cameras to capture individual, in-room participants and display their video within separate boxes, making all participants appear the same regardless of physical location. Neat is new in the Microsoft eco-system; previously it only supported Zoom rooms. Microsoft is utilizing speakers from EPOS and Yealink to allow for transcription to capture in-room individuals through the use voice recognition. And it also announced enhancements to Surface Hub to better integrate into the Teams Room experience.

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