Nemertes Execs Launch Metrigy, an Innovative Research Firm

Nemertes Execs Launch Metrigy, an Innovative Research Firm

Real-world success metrics drive business strategy for employee, customer engagement

Dec. 29, 2020 – Long-time IT industry influencers Robin Gareiss and Irwin Lazar today announced the launch of Metrigy, a research and advisory firm that analyzes enterprise success metrics to advise companies on their technology transformation strategies. Gareiss and Lazar have a combined 40+ years of experience conducting global primary research, producing compelling content, and advising IT and business leaders from the world’s leading companies. They and the Metrigy team saw a growing need for a company focused on the rapidly changing areas of:

● Digital transformation and digital workplace
● Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC)
● Customer Experience (CX), engagement, and contact center
● Artificial intelligence and analytics

“Metrigy documents what successful companies do, and how their decisions improve business metrics, such as revenue, costs, customer ratings, and employee efficiency,” says Gareiss, Metrigy CEO and Principal Analyst. “This advice is increasingly vital so business-technology leaders can make decisions based on known success factors.”

Technology decision-makers are faced with growing options and complexity, including record numbers of new products, innovations, companies, and acquisitions. To put context around these developments, Gareiss and Lazar, Metrigy’s President and Principal Analyst, will host weekly video updates applying proprietary research to derive actionable guidance from the latest industry news.

“Metrigy’s metrics-based research will ensure IT decision-makers are adopting the optimal collaboration and customer engagement strategies for their organizations” says Lazar. “IT leaders and the providers that serve them will know what works, and what doesn’t.”

The research will fuel several new services in 2021, including buy-side forecasting, vertical industry analysis, technology/provider selection assistance for enterprises, and vendor rankings and associated business success for their customers.

ABOUT OUR TEAM: The founding Metrigy team includes professionals from Nemertes Research, a leading research and advisory company. Gareiss served as Nemertes’ president and co-founder, while Lazar served as its vice president and service director after his tenure at Burton Group. The rest of the team includes:

● Chris Zimmerman, VP of Client Experience. After running a highly regarded client services department for 16 years, Zimmerman continues her responsive, friendly, attentive approach to client experience.
● Jenny Navadomskis, VP of Operations. Navadomskis, an expert in project management, operational process management, and event planning, uses her perfectionist attitude to establish efficient operational processes and project management.
● Ellyn Waleski, Director of Marketing and Design. Waleski spearheads the digital marketing strategy and design, building on her experience launching new graphical products and social media campaigns at Nemertes.
● Layne Haaksma, Director of Business Development. Formerly an account executive in the biotech industry, Haaksma quickly gained expertise in the UC and CX spaces. She is responsible for business development and product marketing.

ABOUT METRIGY: Metrigy is an innovative research firm focusing on the rapidly changing areas of Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC), digital workplace, digital transformation, and Customer Experience (CX)/contact center—along with related technologies. Metrigy delivers strategic guidance and informative content, backed by primary research metrics and analysis, for technology providers and enterprise organizations.

To learn more about Metrigy and its team, please visit Metrigy: Metrics-based strategy for business success!

Ellyn Waleski, director of marketing
Phone: 877-638-7449
Cell: 815-735-7059

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