Office Changes Require Close Coordination

Office Changes Require Close Coordination

Success comes from aligning HR, facilities, and IT toward a common goal.

Metrigy’s recently published Unified Communications Management and End-points: 2021-22 study of nearly 400 organizations found that the office is in a state of flux, with just over 15% of companies now fully work-from-home. Of the rest, about 21% require a return to the office, 24% provide employees with a choice of work location, and 38% base work location on the role. From January to August of 2021, we saw a significant trend toward returning to the office, often to the dismay of employees who prefer work-from-home flexibility (see graphic above).

As companies navigate a return to the office, often they’re rethinking both the purpose of the office and the physical office configuration. We noted that just 62% expect offices to be used the same way as in the past, as a place for individual work and meetings. Almost 19% see the office only as a meeting place, while 16% see it as primarily a place of individual work, with meetings occurring online. Just 23% expect that employees will fully embrace a return to meeting in conference rooms.

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