The CFO Imperative eBook

The CFO Imperative eBook

The CFO Imperative: Leveraging UCaaS to Drive Business Transformation, Optimize Spending, and Enable Productivity in the Age of Work-From-Home

This ebook provides insights into how CFOs can minimize costs, maximize productivity, and increase revenues by adopting cloud-based, integrated communications and collaboration technologies. In this ebook, we’ll look at:
Benefits companies have realized when they move from on-premises to UCaaS:

  • 56.5%saved money, ranging from $11,573 to $23.8 million, depending on the size of rollout
  • 54.5%gained efficiencies, ranging from 15% to 23%
  • 27.3%generated new revenue, ranging from $585,219 to $13.8 million

IT spending: Though the IT spending outlook has dampened since Covid-19, those spending specifically on WFH technologies is strong

  • Prior to Covid, 62% planned to-increase their IT budgets in 2021; now, that’s dropped to 53%. But all 53% said the key driver was spending on WFH
  • 19% are decreasing spending overall, but increasing spending on WFH technologies nonetheless

Technology integrations: When companies integrate UCaaS and CCaaS, they see measurable benefits.

  • Provider ratings are 16.8% higher for those with integration, vs. those with separate providers
  • Customer ratings increase by 56.7%when integrated, vs. 38.3% when not
  • Operational costs drop 19.7% when integrated vs. 14.5% when not
  • Monthly per-agent spending is $271with integration, vs. $354 without

The value of UCaaS to WFH strategies

  • Scaling up and down
  • Ease and speed of adding new features
  • IT staff doesn’t need to address server capacity and network connectivity
  • IT staff freed to work on strategic initiatives

Lower TCO with consolidated UC applications

  • Average annual operational cost is 56% less with consolidated apps vs. multiple apps from different providers

Other concerns/issues

  • IT staff works remote, as well, so management becomes easier when cloud provider is handling day-to-day performance
    Employees, as they return to the office even part-time, can use mobile UC clients, and log in from remote and shared workspaces

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