Think Big: Collaboration for Small Business

Think Big: Collaboration for Small Business

While small businesses have unique business needs, when it comes to collaboration tools, they share a great deal in common with larger enterprises, including:

  1. Support for Digital Transformation: Small businesses often operate in dynamic, highly competitive markets, meaning that they must quickly embrace emerging technologies to gain competitive advantage, or to avoid being disrupted.
  2. Mobility: Small businesses often employ mobile workers, meaning that individuals must be able to collaborate from anywhere, at any time, using any device.
  3. Cross-company Collaboration: Small businesses must be able to seamlessly collaborate not just internally, but also with partners, suppliers, and customers.
  4. Improving Customer Experiences: Small businesses must deliver the same, or even a superior, customer engagement experience as their larger peers, meaning that they must invest in technologies that enable quicker response to customer inquiries, sales opportunities, and support requests.
  5. Costs Minimization: Small businesses often operate with the same budget constraints as larger organizations, meaning that they must evaluate potential collaboration solutions not just on their ability to support the previous requirements, but also on their capability to do so while minimizing total cost of ownership.

Along with these similarities, small businesses face unique challenges including often the lack of IT staff and internal expertise, and the need to avoid disruption that can negatively impact current revenue streams. Small business leaders also need insight into…

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