Webinar Replay – UCC Series [Ep.1]: Which UC Solution Is Most Affordable for You?

Webinar Replay – UCC Series [Ep.1]: Which UC Solution Is Most Affordable for You?

Have you wondered which solution–on-premise, cloud, or hybrid—is the right Unified Communications architecture for your organization? Would you like to know which provider costs the most—and least?

Nemertes has the answer!

In this first episode of our five-part series on Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), Robin Gareiss, Nemertes President and Founder, presents findings from our real-world research on UCC costs—based on the cost data from our 2018-19 Unified Communications and Collaboration Research study.

She also introduces the Nemertes UC Cost Analysis Tool, an on-line, interactive, customizable tool that allows you to cost-compare solutions and providers. With this tool you’ll find out which architecture, and which provider, are the best fit for your organization.

This episode takes an in-depth look at UC Total Cost of Ownership and covers:

  • How to use Nemertes’ Online Cost Analysis Tool to get the data you need to make the best decisions
  • How operational, implementation, and capital costs vary with on-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployments
  • The Nemertes True Cost of Operations™ of key collaboration technologies including telephony, meetings, team collaboration, and more
  • Which providers offer the lowest costs and best value, based on cost data and provider ratings from IT leaders across all industries
  • What you’ll save on operational costs by investing in management and monitoring tools


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