What are the Top 5 IT Concerns for 2021?

What are the Top 5 IT Concerns for 2021?

Returning to the office, optimizing virtual work, and building community are some key focus areas for IT leaders in 2021.

Each year Nemertes conducts a study of enterprise collaboration, gathering data from over 500 end-user organizations on what apps they are using now, what they are planning to use, and how they are addressing areas like management, security, user adoption and awareness, and application integration. In preparation for the study, I spent the last several weeks chatting with our vendor and end-user clients to find out their priorities as they finish out 2020 and plan for 2021. In these conversations, several themes have emerged, and as you can imagine almost all of them pertain to the current COVID-19 pandemic. IT leaders are primarily focused on enabling a remote, virtual workforce today while trying to plan for an uncertain future.
Here are the five top-of-mind concerns:

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