What’s the Future of the Phone?

What’s the Future of the Phone?

Yes, phone system usage is declining, but PSTN calling is still a critical part of an enterprise communications strategy.

The last year has seen an unprecedented rise in use of videoconferencing, not just for group meetings but also for 1:1 conversation. According to our recently released “Workplace Collaboration 2021-22” global research study, Metrigy has found that 82% of participants now use video for all or most meetings, and that nearly 87% see video as a critical or important technology for business operations. For many, it is indeed true that video is the new voice!

It stands to reason that the rise of video has led to a reduction in reliance on enterprise phone systems for communications, and that’s true: Almost 44% say that phone utilization declined in 2020, by an average of 34.6%. But video is only partly to blame. While it’s true that 28.6% say that calls have shifted to video-enabled meeting apps, another 16.9% say that they are seeing calling shifting toward personal mobile phones.

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