Achieving Meeting Equity

Achieving Meeting Equity

As employees return to the office, successful meetings must put everyone on a level playing field.

With many companies bringing, or considering bringing, employees back to the office in some fashion over the next few months, a key challenge has emerged: how to ensure that meeting participants are able to engage equally whether they’re attending in person or remotely.

The old meeting arrangements in which most participants were physically in conference rooms, with only a handful of remote individuals joining via audio bridge, is no longer viable, especially when the math is likely to flip such that most participants continue to attend meetings remotely. Companies that have spent the last year and a half perfecting virtual meetings must avoid falling back into the trap of delivering different meeting experiences for those in-person versus those who are remote.

Achieving meeting equity requires a combination of both technology and human factors. On the technology front, those responsible for collaboration strategy and meeting room infrastructure should:

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