AI in Video Conferencing Opens a World of Features

AI in Video Conferencing Opens a World of Features

AI in video conferencing will result in useful features for businesses. Learn how AI capabilities improve meetings and what to ask conferencing vendors about their products.

As demand for video conferencing grows, the technology is advancing in productive ways. In particular, the latest AI and machine learning capabilities offer the potential for improved meeting experiences and better capture of information.

AI initiatives are coming from endpoint vendors, meeting software vendors and startups offering unique capabilities on their own or in partnership with meeting platform providers. And, as Metrigy’s “Visual Communications and Collaboration: 2020-21” study published in mid-2020 found, AI-powered features are in demand. According to the study, the majority of IT leaders find capabilities such as automated transcription and translation, voice control of meetings and the use of facial recognition to start meetings to be important in their evaluation of competing meeting platforms.

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