Are Your Employees Happy?

Are Your Employees Happy?

A proactive strategy to measure employee engagement, minimize stress, and ensure common direction is required to ensure employee satisfaction.

My colleague Robin Gareiss recently published results of a Metrigy global study that looked at how more than 520 enterprise organizations are evolving their customer experience initiatives. In that study, Robin noted that more than 78% of participating companies are currently measuring or planning to measure employee satisfaction as part of their workforce optimization strategy. While this study primarily focused on activities inside the contact center around customer engagement, its findings underscore the need, especially given pandemic-driven changes in work, for organizations to invest in tools that allow them to measure workplace engagement and satisfaction, and to ensure common direction.

Over the last few weeks, organizations have begun to revamp their strategies for work going forward as life begins to return to somewhat normal in many parts of the world, especially here in the U.S. That means determining if work from home (WFH) will continue, if employees will be required to return to the office, or if the company will support hybrid workstyles that allow employees to split time between office and home. Much has been written about employee attitudes toward WFH, and how views vary across socio-economic groups. But to date, few organizations are investing in measuring employee engagement and satisfaction for at-home and returning in-office employees. That needs to change.

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