Meeting the Financial Services Collaboration Challenge

Meeting the Financial Services Collaboration Challenge

The financial services industry faces unique collaboration challenges, especially in supporting the needs of the hybrid, in-office, and remote workforce. Key among these challenges are:

  • Meeting various global regulatory requirements governing reporting and securing financial transactions
  • Protection of personally identifiable information (PII) including social security numbers, account numbers, credit scores, and location that allows for identification of individuals
  • Protection of enterprise information assets from exfiltration attacks via phishing, social engineering, or other attempts at remote access

At the same time, financial services organizations are, like most other companies, increasing their use of enhanced collaboration applications including team messaging and video conferencing. These technologies improve back-office information sharing and workflows and enables digital transformation of customer experiences. The end result is (ideally) increased customer satisfaction scores, improved upsell and better customer retention opportunities. Taken together, digital transformation enables market differentiation through superior customer service.

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