Returning to the Office? Answer These Five Question First!

Returning to the Office? Answer These Five Question First!

A successful return-to-the-office strategy requires due diligence to understand reasons for return, employee attitudes, and how best to support various work styles.

When we conducted Metrigy’s Workplace Collaboration:2021-22 global research study back in January, few workplaces expressed an appetite to return to the office any time soon. Of the 476 organizations in North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia, just 12.4% of them planned to bring people back full-time, and another 9% expected at least a part-time return (half the time in the office, other half at home). The vast majority, almost 75%, said they expected to continue to work from home even after the pandemic subsided or expected that their companies would offer employees the choice of where they wanted to work.

Since we published our study, conditions in many parts of the world have improved, as COVID vaccines have proven to be safe and effective. In recent weeks, a number of companies have announced plans to bring employees back to the office — a trend that is likely to accelerate as vaccination rates increase around the globe.

Before issuing return-to-work orders, IT, facilities, and HR managers should be aware of several factors that will govern success. Here are five critical questions to answer before you implement your return to the office strategy:

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